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Welcome To Guardian Home Inspections

Guardian Inspections is an independent professional Home Inspection Company serving the Avalon Peninsula. We adhere to the latest and most rigorous inspection standards of practice and utilize industry leading training and inspection processes in all of our inspections. From your first contact and as long as you own your home, Guardian is here for you. We believe that every house has a story to tell and our extensive training in defect recognition and household systems by Carson Dunlop allows us to relay that story to you.

A Real Difference

As our client we encourage you to really get to know your prospective new home. During the inspection process, we prefer it if you accompany us through the full inspection. As we go through the house over a period of 2 - 3 hours, we will share and discuss our findings with you and use the opportunity to further educate you on the systems and components that make up the home. We also offer to answer all of your questions and we pride ourselves on explaining technical topics in terms that any homeowner can appreciate and understand. At the end of the inspection we will give a verbal report on our major findings and discuss them with you. Shortly after the inspection we will complete further research on the home and deliver (usually the same day) a comprehensive written report containing even more detailed findings and recommendations.